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How to Onboard New Clients in 5 Minutes or Less

A Comprehensive Guide



In today's fast-paced financial industry, efficiency and compliance are paramount. Financial advisors need an easy and streamlined approach toonboarding that ensures accuracy, compliance, and a world-class client experience. Enter Finpace—the comprehensive software solution tailored tomodern financial advisors.

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The Power of Automation in the Financial Realm

Before diving into how Finpace transforms the onboarding process, it's essential to understand the power of automation. By automating routinetasks, you elevate your practice, ensuring that you always remain ahead in terms of compliance, efficiency, and service quality.

Keyword Highlight:
  • Automation: The standard of efficiency in today's financial practices. It streamlines processes, ensuring rapid and accurate results.


Starting Right with the Pre-Meeting Questionnaire (PMQ)

The journey begins with the PMQ—a secure, user-friendly online form designed to gather essential client data. When a prospect first engages with you:

  • Send them a link to the PMQ.
  • Allow the client to input their information at their convenience and on ‘their time’, not yours
  • Streamlined data collection
  • High-level security ensures data protection
  • Elevates your advisory profile and credibility by offering a seamless, professional experience
PMQ Process Flow

See PMQ Video Demo


Seamless Transition to the In-Person Meeting

Once the PMQ is complete:

  • The prospect books an in-person or virtual meeting using integrated calendar software.
  • Finpace automates the sending of a pre-meeting note derived from PMQ answers, setting the agenda for the discussion.
  • As a financial advisor, you walk into the meeting prepared, having all necessary information at your fingertips
  • You make an amazing first impression and set the tone for the relationship
Seamless Scheduling Flow

Seamless Scheduling Demo


After the Meeting: Ensuring Consistency

Post-meeting, Finpace automates what makes you amazing:

  • You input a case note with your thoughts and next steps, Finpace automates record-keeping herein for compliance purposes.
  • A post-meeting note is then automatically dispatched, summarizing discussions and outlining the next steps.
What this does for you:
  • You keep the client engaged, informed and reassured that you are the best choice for financial advice and client service
  • You easily stay on top of your compliance requirements with minimal effort
Post-Meeting Automation

See Post-Meeting Flow


Full Onboarding In Seconds, Perfected

As trust builds, prospects are ready to move to the next step. Using Finpace:

  • You initiate an onboarding form to capture additional data for opening investment accounts.
  • Soon-to-be clients complete this on their time, not yours.
  • Finpace automates advisory contract execution, compliance documents and disclosures—all timestamped for perfect record-keeping.
The Finpace Promise:
  • A full onboarding experience achieved in just 3 - 5 minutes of an advisor's time.
Onboarding Automation

See Onboarding Demo


Using Finpace:
  • You as a financial advisor, become a champion of efficiency and compliance
  • By minimizing manual interventions, advisors like you can focus on strategy, relationships, growth or whatever means most
  • You, team and your clients enjoy smooth, professional and transparent onboarding experiences, solidifying their trust in you as advisor
If you want to start fully onboarding new clients in 3 - 5 minutes or less right away, go here to get started


Your Future is Bright

In the landscape of financial advice, Finpace is not just a tool—it's a game-changer. By integrating automation into the core processes of datagathering, onboarding, and compliance, advisors are poised to deliver world-class services effortlessly. So, for financial advisors like you who are eyeing growth, accuracy, efficiency and an easier way to future-proof all they’ve built, Finpace is the answer.




This is the standard that you need to implement within your practice, lest you fall behind and lose what you’ve worked so hard to build.


Gives you a holistic approach to client outreach, onboarding and service thereafter, from the initial PMQ to full client conversion and beyond.

With Finpace

Financial advisors like you stand out and set the standard by ensuring accuracy, compliance and world-class client experiences.



Which activities does Finpace automate in regards to my onboarding?

Finpace will automate:

  • Accurate, up-to-date data population across all required forms
  • disclosure delivery to all essential recipients
  • CRM data maintenance to eliminate redundancies• account opening with your custodian (if your custodian is on our current list of integration partners, if not request it here)
  • e-signing of advisory contracts in the proper order: client(s), advisor(s), compliance team (if required by you)
  • ledger updates with timestampings of all events for compliance accuracy and stress-relief
What are my guarantees with Finpace?

YES! We believe you should be guaranteed results, that’s what you’re investing in, right? We bring your success to life in 3 steps:

  1. make it easy and fast to get setup and using the platform right away
  2. work beside you to bring your vision to life quickly and effectively
  3. assist you in your first few client acquisitions to ensure you’re getting the most of this investment
If you want to start fully onboarding new clients in 3 - 5 minutes or less right away, go here to get started

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