Lawful, fair and transparent data processing in relation to individuals:

Finpace's onboarding module only collects data required by law to enroll new clients.

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Specified, explicit and legitimate purpose for data collection:

Finpace's onboarding and other custom modules clearly identify required data from prospects and clients.

We also make it easy to completely purge data from Finpace, simply reach out and we’ll do it for you IF you meet guidelines for legal disposal AND you are an approved compliance officer/firm admin with express permission to complete such request.

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Relevant data, limited to only what is necessary in relation to it’s purpose:

Finpace's onboarding module ONLY collects relevant information to execute a compliant client enrollment.  We allow your prospects and clients to electronically sign enrollment documents, proving consent for data collected.

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Personal data should be kept for no longer than is necessary for proper subject identification:

You will be eligible to remove all collected data in regards to one or multiple client(s), when storing of such data becomes irrelevant.

Finpace also creates a trail of all changes made by or on behalf of prospects and clients, for your security.

Again, you MUST be an approved person listed in the "Data Collection" tab to be eligible for data removal requests.

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Personal data should be accurate and up to date, where necessary:

Clients agree within Finpace's modules to provide you with clear and accurate data.  It is their responsibility to abstain from delivering false information.

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Personal data should be processed securely; furthermore, in a manner that is appropriate to the sensitivity of such data.

Finpace provides a high level of data encryption to all members, ensuring that all customer information is perpetually stored in a secured database.

We utilize state-of-the-art hacker prevention protocol to prevent access to our network.  We continually update our anti-virus and malware prevention systems to keep you, your prospects and your clients safe.

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