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1 Integration
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Pre-built outreach form
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Up to 5 team members
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SMS Portal
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SSO (single-sign-on)


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3 Integrations
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3 data-gathering forms
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Up to 10 team members
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SMS Portal (add-on)
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SSO (single-sign-on)


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All Integrations
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Fully customizable forms
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Unlimited team members
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SMS Portal
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SSO (single-sign-on)

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Core Product
User Workspaces
The allotted amount of team members you can invite to collaborate and execute customer engagement tasks quickly, simply and compliantly.
Up to 5
Up to 9
Built-in Docusign
Customizable Forms
SMS Portal
An easy way for you to communicate with your customers on their mobile device within the Finpace app. Add-on feature for Scale plan.
Contact Details Repository
Document Builder
An easy way for you to build and deploy any signature agreement with your customers, with minimal effort.
Search Contacts
2nd Investor Collaboration
Pre-built forms library
Limited + $199 one time
Tracked SMS Outreach
Engage with your customers on their phone. SMS activity is automatically tracked to ensure you have perpetually up-to-date compliance records.
Task Automation
Task Reminders
Customizable Workflows
Customizable Disclosure Emails
Calendar Integrations
Customer Status Visibility
Within your Finpace workspace, you will have 4 easy-to-understand status notifications for both prospects and clients. These boxes detail where any one person is in your engagement process, so you can keep everything moving forward without any extra effort.
Workflow Filtering
Quickly find any document, client and or started/completed action with a simple search bar built-in to your automation workspace.
Events Exporting
With a click of a button you can export instantly created, detailed records of all your customer engagement interactions. Download as a CSV or send to a printer in a moment.
Reports – Automated
Reports – Dynamic Sending
Monthly Envelope Allowance
Custom Fields
Activity Stream
Administrative Controls
Mobile Web App
1 CRM/user
Integrations Request
Support Documentation
Compliance & Security
Compliance Record-keeping
Permissions & Visibility
One-time Passwords
Make it easy for your team and customers to engage with this platform through one-time passwords (OTP). No more remembering and/or clicking "forgot password" with this feature!
Session Timeout
2-Factor Authentication
Batch Audit Reports
When your auditor comes calling for detailed records around client engagement, your Finpace workspace has you automatically covered. Simply download and send whatever is requested to the requesting party.
SSO or "single sign on" allows your users to securely interact with multiple applications all from one set of authentication credentials.
SOC 1 & 2 Compliant
Reports – Dynamic/Customized
Military Grade Security
Customer Support Help Desk
Quickly find the answers your looking for by chatting with a support agent at the bottom right of any screen within your dashboard.
Live Help
Data Portability
Your data and that of your customers belongs to you. If you decide to leave Finpace, you get all your data immediately. We never sell your or your customer data to any third party for any reason.
Personalized Onboarding Call
Video Tutorial Library
Knowledge Base Q&A
Email Features
Dynamic Batched Emails
Communicate with all your customers at once with one email. Finpace will customize this email to make your customer feel as though they are the only one receiving it.
Two-Way Calendar Sync
Email Templates
Coming soon...
Coming soon...
Coming soon...
Email Interaction Tracking
Enterprise SSO
As an enterprise member, your firm has the ease of single-sign-on automatically built-in across the Finpace app.
Enterprise Implementation Program
Firm Rollover
With this feature you can fully re-paper and roll over an entire firm in minutes, not months. Book a call to see this in action.
White-Labeling & Dedicated IP
Custom Domain
SFTP Account Reports & Backups
Priority Enterprise Support
Dedicated Account Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a Finpace account?

Click "Pricing" anywhere on this site and once there, pick your desired plan. Regardless of your plan selection, you will start at the highest level with all the bells and whistles for your 30 day trial. Glad to have you!

How can Finpace help me?

You do the relationship and trust building, we do the tedious tasks that get in your way and slow you down. This can be for any engagement activity that you'd like to automate...

Simplify outreach and build your pipeline faster.

Automate onboarding, make less mistakes and gather customers at speed.

Leverage AI to do ongoing service work simply, quickly and without error(s).

Improve engagement compliance, automatically.

The possibilities are only bound by your imagination!

What does Finpace do?

There is tedious work you have to do in the financial services business, right?

Our system automates the tedious tasks you and team don't want to do, the things that slow you down.

Instead of writing 50 outreach emails, you can leverage our AI to write it once, then batch send to everyone with personalization in seconds. They think you wrote it to just them, but you didn't. Get more done by doing less, pretty cool, right?

Instead of redundant work involved with onboarding new customers, Finpace automates all the back-office tasks instantly so you and your team can focus on relationships, trust-building and lead generation that increase profitability.

Instead of arduous ongoing tasks, Finpace simplifies, streamlines and automates these line items to keep your customers perpetually updated and your firm compliant.

Can I invite my team members to my Finpace account?

Absolutely! The more, the merrier.

Can I talk to a person before starting my trial?

Absolutely! We'd love to hear your thoughts before you get started.

Book a demo here

Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Of course we'd love to know why you're leaving and/or how we can save the relationship, but we'll make the transition away as easy as possible for you.

Do you offer any discounts or special pricing for nonprofits?

10% off if paid annually. We are always willing to hear your story and jump into further discounts, beyond the aforementioned offer, as we can.

What is the difference between plans?

Every plan was uniquely built to serve you as best as possible, at whatever stage your business is in. Here is a TLDR summary of each plan:

Prospect plan is best for building your pipeline with simple forms that automatically populate your CRM, this will save you countless hours spend on data entry each year.

Scale plan is best for firms who want the options to quickly build their pipeline, streamline & automate their onboarding, simplify ongoing customer service and/or improve engagement compliance issues instantly.

Enterprise plan is best for firms with 10+ users. Firms that want to customize this system, who care about white-labeling and our fully optimized growth engine.

How do I reach out to support?

You have access to our support team via chat, just click on the circle icon at the bottom right of your window for fast support. If you don't get us or get a response quickly, you'll hear from us via email within 24 hours.

Can I customize templates and forms?

Yes! You can import your own templates and/or access any of our pre-built data-gathering forms for your convenience. Every data point you'd need to serve your customers well is held within Finpace's form library.

How do I get access to the sms platform?

To use our sms system, you must be on the Scale plan in the very least. Further customization to this feature can only be found on the Enterprise plan which is reserved for firms with 10+ users.

Do I need to bring my own signing engine?

No, everything you need to turn your prospects into clients in a few clicks is already built-in. If you do bring your own Docusign account, for example, you are eligible for an additional 5% off the service, just tell your sales rep.