November 28, 2023

Engagement Automation Using #Tags

Video Transcript:

Okay. Welcome to 101. First and foremost, as you're going through this dashboard and setting everything up and as you're working through Finpace University, you can hit “view lesson details”. It will take you to a specific page just for that video. Now it'll have the transcript if you'd rather just read it. That's fine. Totally cool. But if you want to hit play, okay, and make sure your settings are set to 4K, okay.

Now it's automatically going to do it. But if they're at 380p, 480, whatever, you don't want to watch a grainy video, so make sure they're always set to the highest quality possible. We film in 4K to make it really, really simple, to see every little nook and cranny, every little detail. So without further ado, let's get into the dashboard.

Now, I'm just going to run you through a few basic things. Now, my dashboard will look a little bit different than yours. You won't have any clients enrolled, and that's totally cool. But you'll have clients enrolled right here. Hours gained and total contracts. Okay, this is where you add a prospect, add a client. All you do is you click this button, input their email, and then you're off to the races.

This is where you find notifications of what's happened. So nothing new this week for me. "Home", "settings". So if you'd like to come in here, add your photo. Now, this is the firm admin. Okay. The advisor dashboard will look a little bit different and that's in another video. But this is just the basic run through of the dashboard.

So you've got your “general settings” with name, email address, phone number, add your photo, photograph. You can set your notification settings when you want to be emailed, when you want to be notified of what's going on. Now we're working on text notifications... that's coming, at the time of this video, we don't have it, but it is coming. You can change your password, change your email, whatever.

Here's your Finpace tour, which I would highly suggest you walk through. Okay. Right when you log in for the first time, maybe you've already done that, but it's going to show you every little detail that you need to do to get a fast start. Okay, then there's "firm settings". Okay. If you're the firm admin, you have access to this.

Now you want to grab your logo because that's what your customers will see so that it feels familiar. So they see it coming from ABC Wealth Management Firm, and not Finpace because they're going to really be like, what is Finpace? I don't trust this. Okay. And that's the last thing you want to elicit from your customers. So drop in your logo, add your icon.

Your icon will show here and in other places. This is where your emails are. You want to add disclosures right here. We'll get into that in another video. This is where you can add team members and turn team members off if they leave the firm for whatever reasons. If you need to change your billing functionality, it's here. And if you need to map “user defined fields”, now that's in another video.

But this is where you find that. Okay, here's your practice. And this is going to give you an overall view of what's going on, what's happening. Here's your practice flow, which is what's in review, what a client is waiting for. Now, we haven't really sent a form, so you're not going to see any details here. These are the advisors within the the portal.

You can login to an advisor profile and add their CRD, check in on who their clients are, who their prospects are. And you know... what needs additional details, right? Here's where you can find your client list. Here's where you find your prospect list and here's where you have templates. Okay. This is covered in another video, but it's going to be one of the most important pieces of the dashboard that you are ever going to interact with.

Okay, so make note. This is a very important section. Templates library, we’ll continue to update this, giving you templates that you can just download in a flash and use right away out of the box. Or you can download it and then customize it however you see fit, whatever you need. Trying to make it very, very easy for you to keep moving forward.

"Integrations" is where you set up. All the integrations that need to talk well with Finpace... we’ll be adding more as needed. But we do try to keep this list very small and exclusive. That's what keeps the application moving super fast. Okay, so there's a reason why we don't integrate with every single technology firm out there. And it's it's a very deliberate reason.

So, it will likely stay small just to make things fast and accurate. Again, here's the chat icon where you can reach out should you need anything. We're right there throughout normal business hours as well. There's documentation right here that will show you, you know, "getting started", "forms", "integrations" and this will link back to the University itself. That's it for now.

We'll see you in the next video.jg