November 28, 2023

Connecting Calendars

Video Transcript:

Welcome to 101, your new favorite class. So let's get started quickly. There's a few things you're going to need open over the next video. You need access to your disclosures, your logo and icon, if you have one and agreements. Now as a firm admin, this is what you will see. Now, the dashboard may change from time to time, but don't be alarmed because if there are changes, it's because it has been upgraded.

Now at the top you have “add prospect”, “add client”, “notifications” and your admin panel. When you log in for the first time, you'll be prompted to take the Finpace tour. If you haven't done so, do so now. Moving on... Let's go to “settings”. Add your picture and details, then hit “save changes”, update your notification preferences. “Change password | Change Email”

that's pretty self-explanatory, right? Next is “firm settings” where you can upload your icon, which is best set as 256 by 256 in pixels. Ask your designer if unfamiliar with these settings, then add your logo so your customers will see your branding and not Finpace, so they don't get confused. We'll get to “emails” in another video as this feature is changing at the time of this video.

Now “disclosures”. Go ahead and upload your firm disclosures while we're here. Next, you can customize your team, change their roles and details, etc.. Then it's “billing”, where you can adjust your payment settings. And finally, “other” where you'll see a toggle for “CRM Field Mapper”. This feature is covered in another video, but it allows you to map ‘user-defined fields’ over to your CRM.

More on that later. Let's head over to the left menu bar. Click “practice”. You'll see total contracts, total hours gained and clients enrolled. Next is “practice flow”, where you'll see “awaiting review” and “awaiting signature”. After this, is “advisors” where you can see their general details, clients and prospects. Should an advisor leave for whatever reason, you can toggle them ‘inactive’ here.

The firm maintains all their records for compliance purposes, but the advisor no longer has access. Next is “clients”. When you have clients in the system, you can click on one to engage with that family and or individual. See all their details. Change their advisor and whether or not it's a household. “Forms and documents” to see what's being worked on.

“SMS”, which is an add-on feature that keeps all your engagement within one dashboard. Then, “actions”, which will make sense once you connect your integrated software like a CRM, custodian, etc.. We'll come back to this in the video on ‘integrations’. Next is “prospects”, which is just a way to organize people who haven't hired you yet. Then it's “templates”, which is one of the most important tools in this ecosystem.

All things templates will be covered in a separate video. “Templates library” where you can import any template that has already been created for you. Now, should you need to customize what we've already built, that's totally up to you. But that's also in the templates video later in the course. Next is “integrations”, where you can connect your existing tools.

This process is in its own video, but for now, we keep the vendor list very small and very exclusive on purpose because it keeps Finpace running fast. Should you need any help along the way, you have access to “documentation” at the bottom left and “chat” at the bottom right. Reach out at any time and if you don't hear from us within 5 minutes, just wait longer.

But we'll do our best to respond quickly so you can keep moving forward. Lastly, let's highlight a few intricacies, middle right of the dashboard. Three lines, click them and adjust your dashboard. Experience settings however you like. Go from light to dark mode depending on your mood. Change the direction. And I have no clue why anyone would ever go right to left.

It's very confusing, but that's just me. Change your button color to purple if you're feeling rather purply. Stretch the dashboard if you want a different screen experience and then you can always reset to original settings up here should you want to start over. Last but not least, you can search for any prospect, client and or team member within the search bar at the top, no matter what screen you're in within the dashboard.

And that is as brief of an overview I can give you of your new Finpace dashboard. Let's get into more details in the next video. See you there.