November 28, 2023

Create | Edit Templates

Video Transcript:

Now templates is going to be one of your biggest time savers within the Finpace application. This video is just a brief introduction to templates. A much longer tutorial on editing templates in depth is held within University 102, but for now, the easiest way to get started is to click first on “templates library”. Let's start by downloading ‘Asset +’, hover over the add icon and click it.

The system should immediately take you into the editing experience, but if you have not, then head over to “templates”. You'll now see “Asset +” in your template folder, click it. Now you have the opportunity to modify its presets and even go as far as changing it completely. I would suggest making this a signing event by which you include your advisory contract.

Now stick with me. This will all make sense in a few moments. Deselect ‘Tax ID number’. It's already in the form and you don't need to ask for it twice. Click ‘Include Disclosure’ and add whatever disclosure you'd like new clients to receive upon signing your advisory agreement. As always, click ‘Save Changes’ and please make a habit of saving your changes as much as possible.

Finpace will not auto save your stuff. Doing so would slow the application down significantly. I know it's going to be annoying, but we're going for speed here, so let me apologize in advance. Now click “form” above and let's make sure it's structured in the way that you want it to be. Just for practice sake. Let's change the title of this first investor detail page.

Click the Gray Gear icon at the top right of this panel. Change the title to whatever. If you want to save this click ‘save’. If not, just exit out, add or take away elements as you see fit. And if you see a gray box attached to any element, and if you're going to keep that element, DO NOT delete the gray box as your customers will not see it.

But they are important from a CRM mapping perspective. If you're deleting the element, by all means, delete the gray box, have fun. That's the template form builder in a nutshell, a more detailed tutorial of how to significantly alter these templates and or create one totally from scratch is held in University 102. Now, if you'd like to create a brand new form, feel free to start from scratch by clicking “new template” within the template tab on the menu.

That's it for now. We'll see you in the next video.