November 28, 2023

DocuBuilder 101

Video Transcript:

All right. The DocuBuilder is the fastest way to upload your advisory agreements into the system. So you can start growing immediately. No waiting on our development team. Pretty cool, right? In order to utilize this easy tool, head over to “templates”. Remember how I mentioned having ‘Asset +’ tied to your advisory agreement would make sense? Well, it's all going to make sense in just a moment.

Click on ‘Asset +’ and then click on “Document”. Click Show Document Builder. And this is when you'll need the word version of your advisory agreement handy because we'll be copying and pasting it into this environment. I'm going to start by adding my logo just so my customers see it right away and I'd like a little bit of margin at the top.

I'm going to hit enter 2 to 3 times to make this happen. Now you can choose how you'd like to align your logo. Whether it's left, right or is my preference. Below that, you can add identifying details. And in this example I'll make it “Contract for:” (Enter) and then I'll put their name. So I hit “@” and then I start typing “name”.

Now you'll see a menu of options appear. It's very important that you do not put a specific client's name here because you want this to be automated and Finpace will do all the heavy lifting of designating which client it will be. The same holds true for client signatures and initials and any identifying piece of information going in the contract.

So let's get to work on adding your legal language. Now, if you'd rather us do this for you, we certainly can, just reach out and we'll get our development team to knock it out. We do charge a small fee for development hours, so that's a heads up and that summarizes the DocuBuilder. So we'll see you in the next video.