November 28, 2023

Finpace University Intro

Video Transcript:

All righty. First and foremost, welcome to Finpace. You have made a great decision by being here, it means you're investing in you, your team and your customer experience online. And that is the best place to put your investment resources. So I'm going to get started. This is CEO Forrest Tuten, co-founder here at Finpace. We're on the website

Just wanted to point out one thing before you get started with the University. Okay... At the bottom right hand corner, you see this chat icon, okay, with our logo, our icon, click it whenever you need help that is outside of business hours. Okay... We're typically around 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. But if you've just got a random question or whatever... you can ask, “how do I add a client?”

Right. And our chat bot will give you a very detailed response along with help articles. Sometimes YouTube videos that will explain even further how to do this. Okay, so we want this to be helpful for you. We want it to make sense. We wanted to be simple because software should make your life easier. Okay, as well... If you need us during normal business hours, you can come down here to the chat icon bottom right and ask us any question and we'll be there.