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3 Pieces of Tech Financial Advisors Shouldn't Go Without

November 3, 2023

3 Award-Winning Tech Tools Financial Advisors Can't Live Without and 1 Shameless Plug

Financial Advisors have LOTS of room for improvement in technology...

In today's financial marketplace, technology has become an indispensable tool for financial advisors to provide the best possible service to their clients.

However, with so many technologies available, it can be difficult to know which ones are the most essential. As an advisor:

  1. You get battered with tech offerings
  2. Kitces' wealth map only continues to grow, what do you pick!?
  3. You don't have time to assess and/or implement another piece of tech
  4. You're in sales and you hate being sold
  5. You want only the essential tools to do your life's work effectively

Any of that relevant?

Well, let us shorten your discovery process. Because in this post, we'll take a look at three technology types that you mr./mrs./miss financial advisor shouldn't go without...We're also going to rank our favorite for your convenience.

TLDR: for those that won't read long exerpts lol...

Best CRM: Wealthbox
Why: easy, powerful

Best Planning Software: MoneyGuidePro
Why: visually friendly and customizable for various outcomes

Best Investment Management Software: Altruist
Why: fast, all-in-one for customer relationship

New tech you should be aware of: Finpace
Why: fast, visually clean and easy-to-use, time-saver

Yes, shameless plug, but why spend your time doing required, tedious tasks, when you could leverage fast, accurate automation software to do them for you better, faster and more compliantly. That will free you up to do more of what you and your team want to do.

Alright, for the readers, this is for you...


Yes, I hear you saying "No **** Sherlock", but which is the best?

Define "best", I asked Chat GPT...

To which it replied: "The term "best" is a subjective term that means the highest quality or most suitable option in a particular context. It depends on individual preferences, needs, and criteria. For example, the "best" car for one person may not be the "best" car for another person, as each person may have different priorities, such as fuel efficiency, safety features, or luxury features. The "best" option is usually determined by weighing factors such as cost, quality, performance, and user experience. Ultimately, what is considered the "best" will vary depending on the situation and the individual's specific needs and preferences."

Here's how we at Finpace are defining best:

  • Clean, simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Software that does the heavy lifting for you
  • Talks well with other tech
  • Shortens your recall period and reduces manual effort in account-opening and customer management
Clear winner: Wealthbox

Planning Software

Yes, again I hear you saying: "Thanks Captain Obvious!", well what's the right one?

Define "comprehensive", I asked Chat GPT...because that's what you're looking for in a plan of any kind, especially someone's financial plan, right?

GPT replied: "The term "comprehensive" refers to something that is complete, covering all aspects or elements of a particular subject, issue, or situation. It suggests thoroughness, inclusiveness, and a broad scope that takes into account all relevant factors or details."

Here's how we at Finpace are defining comprehensive:

  • Presents advisory team AND customers with CLEAR PLAN OF ACTION attributable to thorough discussion of desired outcomes by advisor/client
  • Visually friendly user presentation
  • Allows users to easily input multiple scenarios for watered down Monte Carlo experience
  • Shortens your decision making period for both offense and defense in your financial plan for your customers
Clear winner: MoneyGuidePro

At least, that's what 37% of the industry tells us, as MoneyGuidePro has secured at least 37% of the industry as users by end of 2022

Investment Management Software

Now I can feel your anger lol: "Stop wasting my time Finpace!", well...

Define "easy", I asked Chat GPT...because that's what you're looking for in a managerial type of software, right?

GPT replied: "The term "easy" refers to something that is simple, straightforward, and requires little effort, difficulty, or complexity. It suggests that a task, process, or activity can be completed quickly and efficiently with a minimum of hassle or stress. Ultimately, the term "easy" is subjective, as what may be easy for one person may be challenging for another, depending on their individual skills, experience, and knowledge."

Here's how we at Finpace are defining easy:

  • Anyone can use it comprehensively and effectively, even a child
  • You don't have to do as much as you used to, in order to drive similar, if not better, results
  • Allows you to focus on other things more important to you, whether that be work, leisure and/or both
  • Shortens your time spent working in the business and increases your hourly rate
Clear winner: Altruist

Why? All-in-one platform. Beautiful and cost-effective. Built for the modern advisor and client.


Now I can feel you saying "don't sell me something"

Define "need", I asked Chat GPT...because that's why you've actually read this far, right? To find something you need...

GPT replied: "The term "easy" refers to a requirement or a necessity for something, either physical, emotional, or psychological. A need is something that is considered essential or crucial in order to sustain life, well-being, or a certain standard of living."

Here's how we at Finpace are defining need:

  • You shouldn't operate with that something
  • You will struggle more than necessary without that something
  • Everyone who shares in that something, walk away better
  • Try/Buy it now, don't overthink it
Clear winner: Finpace

Why? Automation will change your life for the better. No more manual task completion. Easy, beautiful, and hilariously fast.

“Why keep manually doing things you hate? Isn't that border-lining the definition of insanity?” Says CEO @ Finpace, Forrest Tuten
Finpace built to make your life easier

Say goodbye to hard and frustrating. Say hello to easy!

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