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Built-in features

Compliant security that makes practice easy

Passwordless 2FA

Finpace Security ensures that your user base remains secure with built-in, passwordless two factor authentication (2FA); even better, customers won't have to remember yet another login.

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SEC regulation requires advisors to make, keep for certain periods and furnish copies of communication(s) to protect investors. Finpace ensures you have untarnished, needed records when audited.


Securely store all documents related to your engagement, onboarding and service activities. Recall them anytime and reconcile with your Finpace Compliance Ledger to show proof of regulation adherence.

Security Guide for Financial Advisors

Read about Finpace Security and how easy it is to compliantly automate your security and most tedious tasks in the modern financial era.

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Product Resources
2024 Finpace Advisor Security Guide
Security Solutions

Powerful cyber security built-in

Infrastructure Security

Firewalls, DDoS mitigation technologies and automatic encryption ensure you protect data at all times.

Backed by AWS Security

Built for speed, accuracy and compliance on one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today.


Data at rest encryption, dedicated, hardware-based cryptographic key storage using Amazon CloudHSM and server-side encryption (SSE) for peace of mind.

Monitorying and Logging

CloudTrail makes deployment and location of security risks fast, accurate and reliable. CloudWatch provides scale at speed and GuardDuty is just that, vigilante threat detection 24/7/365 keeping you safe always.

Advanced Security with Finpace

Finpace's advanced security measures are built into every user account

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Innovation first

Finpace builds financial tools and secure automations for financial advisors.

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Security best practices

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