Forrest Tuten
CEO & Co-Founder

Automation for Dummies

October 10, 2023

You’re wasting your time

  1. Manual processes
  2. Mistakes
  3. Using paper
  4. Paying humans for what software should be doing
  5. Researching/buying every bit of new, shiny tech

Doing what always worked > wondering why it doesn’t work anymore

This is by definition, insanity

Doing the same thing you always did but expecting a different result now…

There’s another option…


  1. Offload (low-profit) tasks to computers
  2. Re-focus human effort and touch (high-profit) where it’s most beneficial
  3. Simplify required workflows and gain more time

No time waste

No mistakes

No killing trees (which humans need to breathe) for paper

No evenings spent on unfinished work

No headaches

Just more time to do as you please

And significant increases in your hourly rate and profitability

Hello Automation

Goodbye insanity

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