February 11, 2023

An Artificial Love Story

Forrest Tuten
It's Fun when Artificial Intelligence "Woo's" You

ChatGPT Wrote a Poem for Finpace

It isn't everyday, AI goes out of the way

We'll stop there, that's our poem, not Open AI ChatGPT's...

Chat lavished us with this, and we couldn't be happier

"Ode to Finpace"

Finpace, a tech company with a drive,
Helping financial advisors stay alive,
Reducing time with forms that never end,
So they can focus on clients, their needs attend.

With a mission to make their lives easier,
Finpace is more than just a vendor, a teaser,
It’s a partner in growth, a friend in need,
A tech solution, a help indeed.

No more hours spent on paperwork,
With Finpace, they can take a walk,
Their time is freed, their minds at ease,
So they can better help their clients please.

With its cutting-edge technology,
Finpace offers a new reality,
Where financial advisors can shine,
And help their clients with peace of mind.

So here's to Finpace, for making a change,
For being a leader, for setting the stage,
For helping financial advisors do what they love,
And giving them the freedom they deserve.

Thanks ChatGPT for being so doting, for spoiling us rotten, we love you!