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Finpace vs. Precise FP

November 3, 2023

Why Finpace instead of Precise FP?

For starters, your peers have said Finpace is:

  1. Faster
  2. Cleaner insofar as UX/UI
  3. More user-friendly
  4. More customizable
  5. Easier to use

Why should your practice make the switch to, or start with, Finpace instead of Precise FP?

Precise FP was just acquired by Docupace, so they must be doing something better, right?

If your ultimate goal is to use something that's been around for 15+ years without much innovation, then sure!

However, if your goal is to be at the tip of the spear of innovation in FinTech and customer engagement practices that help you deliver modern user experiences, both for you and your customers, then Finpace can help!

Finpace vs Precise Comparison:

  1. Why use Finpace instead of Precise FP
  2. Where Precise is better
  3. When to use both platforms
  4. Which is better and why

Why use Finpace instead of Precise FP

Finpace and Precise FP are two very similar platforms, but both have very different approaches to serving the financial advisor industry. Precise FP was built to serve financial advisors with legacy-type software as a service (SaaS) that helps with data-gathering and entry. Finpace was built to serve a similar purpose but with innovative UX/UI as the leading principles of how users interact with the Finpace platform.

If you're looking for a clean, easy-to-use and modern advisor software, then Finpace was built just for you. Allow us to make further comparison in a short comparison video:

Essentially, Finpace gives you more control over the user experience, more features that make practicing easier and a more streamlined experience.

What are the Finpace benefits?

  1. Ease of use
  2. Cleaner UX/UI
  3. Less confusion for all users
  4. More engagement features
  5. Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence to further streamline your efforts

Ease of Use

With Finpace, everything is plug and play, allowing you to get setup and moving forward faster. When you're able to get your documents ready for execution within a few moments, and everything is interconnected, you expend less time, energy and stress making a return on your investment in advisor software tools.

Not to mention, advisor software built by Finpace is made to be so easy to use, a child could figure it out. That's the point of software, right!? To make your life easier!

Cleaner UX/UI

Apple changed the world's view of what software can you do; more importantly, what it should look like: clean, beautiful and simple. We take our design inspiration from the World's most valuable company and make it easy for you to give a great user-experience to the lifeblood of your practice: your team AND your clients.

A happier team and happier clients make for a happier advisor! Simple, beautiful UX/UI will set you apart and make you more referrable.

Less Confusion for All Users

This is so critical to growth: simplicity.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonard da Vinci

Much of the software you use in FinTech is complicated and has a steep learning curve. Not with Finpace.

At Finpace, you can spend your time growing, not learning how to use a new tool. The benefits of cleanliness and simplicity speak for themselves in this regard. Start with a free trial on the Finpace platform and you'll see just how much of an impact simplicity will make in your customer engagement practices.

More Engagement Features

Finpace is built to make your practice easier for everyone involved: team, clients and YOU.

With Finpace, you get:

  1. easy-to-use templates for data gathering and entry, and an even easier-to-use template library for even faster adoption of this platform
  2. easy-to-build documents/agreements for faster practice growth and/or client service
  3. SMS as an easier way to engage with your customers and for them to respond to you
  4. Artificial Intelligence to create and deliver personalized and engaging content that builds more trust for you as an advisor
  5. Built-in risk and suitability that combines the best of Custodial risk assessments and Riskalyze's gamification of risk assessment
  6. User #tags that make case notes and interconnectivity to Finpace's built in AI hilariously fast
  7. Bulk imports that make onboarding an entire book in moments possible; more importantly, easy

Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence to Further Streamline your Efforts

This is one of those features you can get extremely excited about. See how in a short video explanation:

Where Precise FP is Better

First off, Precise FP is great and was innovative when it was built! Precise FP is better if you like the look and feel of legacy applications that don't focus on UX/UI. It's better if you need more integrations at the time of this writing (February 2023). However, that won't be the only thing that Precise FP does better for long.

When to Use Both Platforms

Arguably never.

Unless, you're trying to compare them against one another at similar times. That will likely make your life harder, which is adverse to why you use software, right?

Which is Better and Why?

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