compliance-centric client service

Quickly show clients why you set the standard in
world-class client service

a few features that will instantly elevate you:

Enhanced Engagement

Client Service

Set yourself apart in today’s world of demanding clientele with 24/7 automated compliance: every touchpoint, every query, and every gesture becomes more than just a service—it’s a symphony of trust, where you, the advisor, stand out above the rest.

"Before Finpace, client onboarding was a clunky 2 hours or more long process. With Finpace, we’ve seen faster growth, less stress in compliance and higher customer satisfaction by making slow, clunky onboarding a thing of the past."

Doug Mentzer, CEO & Lead Advisor

Simplified Processes:

Focus more on what you want by automating client engagement compliance.

Trust Amplified:

Combining engagement with compliance builds trust, showing clients you value their needs and your own.

Compliance Peace of Mind:

With 24/7 automated compliance, every engagement is impactful and well within regulatory boundaries.

Dynamic Communication:

From one dashboard, you can easily SMS, email, blog, or ping clients anytime, on any device.


Organization Tags

Client Service

Elevate your practice with "Organization Tags" for targeted client engagement, which helps you deliver personalized insights based on their interests, without added effort on your part.

"No matter where you are in your financial advisory career, Finpace is a no-brainer for any practice looking to operate online. It will perpetually protect you from avoidable compliance mistakes all while elevating your brand and reputation with clients!"

Leila Shaver, CEO & Lead Attorney

Elevated Service:

By addressing each client's interests, you surpass expectations and stand out as the standard in advisory services.

Optimized Audience:

Skip generic messages; "Organization Tags" let you tailor engagement to each client group's needs.

Compliance Assurance:

All client outreach has automated compliance checks, protecting you and your client. KYC: Check!

Targeted Engagement:

Target your outreach so each client feels valued, boosting their trust in your expertise.


Case Notes

Client Service

Enhance your practice with case notes for streamlined compliance and transparency. With every interaction recorded, clients feel secure, deepening their trust in you.

"We were using several technologies to engage with our clientele but wanted a single solution that made practicing online easier. Our Compliance Attorney said we HAD to use Finpace and we haven't looked back. It’s a favorite for the team and our clients!"

Joann Mugavero, Administrator

More Trust:

When clients see their financial journey documented, their trust in your commitment deepens.

Reduced Effort:

With automated case notes, you can focus on strategy and clients, not paperwork.

Precise Record-Keeping:

Instant access to review any interaction, ensuring transparency in every decision.

Simplified Compliance:

automated case notes record every detail, removing the headache from compliance record-keeping.