compliance-centric client onboarding

Onboarding clients in less than 5 minutes makes it
easy and fun to hire you

grow faster with finpace in your arsenal

Account Opening


Fast account opening shows that you value a client's time and investments, as well as your own.  Your clients will be more satisfied and thankful they chose you instead of someone else.

"Before Finpace, client onboarding was a clunky 2 hours or more long process. With Finpace, we’ve seen faster growth, less stress in compliance and higher customer satisfaction by making slow, clunky onboarding a thing of the past."

Doug Mentzer, CEO & Lead Advisor

Task Automation


Elevate your client onboarding through task automation, making you the forward-thinking advisor who delivers innovation with compliance. 

"No matter where you are in your financial advisory career, Finpace is a no-brainer for any practice looking to operate online. It will perpetually protect you from avoidable compliance mistakes all while elevating your brand and reputation with clients!"

Leila Shaver, CEO & Lead Attorney

Streamlined Efficiency:

Speed and precision gives you more time to do what you want to do, less on manual work.

Zero-Data Redundancy:

Instant data auto-population removes manual repetition and lowers discrepancy risks.

Flawless Compliance:

Automated compliance ensures error-free operations, freeing you for more of what you want.

NIGO Elimination:

Automatic checks and balances reduce the risk of incomplete submissions, keeping client files in pristine order.


E-Sign Anywhere


Leverage Finpace's "e-sign anywhere," so you and your clients can effortlessly complete agreements, whether you're in the office, at a café, or halfway around the world.

"We were using several technologies to engage with our clientele but wanted a single solution that made practicing online easier. Our Compliance Attorney said we HAD to use Finpace and we haven't looked back. It’s a favorite for the team and our clients!"

Joann Mugavero, Administrator

Brand Enhancer:

Making it easy for clients to commit builds trust. “Simple” is great for your profitability.

Compliance Guarantee:

Every e-signature is backed by robust security protocols, ensuring that compliance isn't just met—it's exceeded.

Unbridled Accessibility:

You get cross-platform friendliness that allows easy e-signing on any device.

Timeless Convenience:

The ability to sign at any time, from any location, eradicates needless delays, making you the standard.